Thursday, July 9, 2015

Here Goes Nothing

Well, I was planning this whole introduction thing about me and my life and such, but I realized that the only people who might read this thing are the people who already know me, so that's a wash. Still, there is always a chance that a galaxy hitchiker might stumble upon this page. In light of that, here's a bit of explanation.
 I'm CoffeeKitty13 on People have been saying that I should start a blog. Until now, my project pages have been my blog, but I do realize that sometimes knitters in a dire emergency need to scan those pages for any lifelines that may save them (i.e. "Instructions for row 42 gave me fits; I just increased on the sides and it turned out fine"), and having to sift through my rambling for nuggets of wisdom is enough to make anyone jump out the window. Now, since I have a blog, I shall try to rhapsodize about projects here and keep their pages on Ravelry short and to-the-point. (Note that I said "try;" I make no promises...)

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